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accounting services for startups

We recommend talking to an accountant or lawyer to discuss what business entity would be best for your organization. Proactive, value adding accountancy support across a range of services. We know you are smart enough to do this on your own, but you already know that the garbage you put into the accounting books on the last Friday of the quarter, is the garbage that comes back in your board reports. Contact Azran Financial today to get started building your future.

What does an accountant do for a startup?

Managing Financial Data

In collecting this data, they collaborate with bookkeepers to track revenue, outgoing invoices, and exchanges. Startup accountants also work to ensure that business records comply with financial legislation and the procedures that dictate data presentation.

AirCFO provides ongoing Accounting Services for growth-focused, revenue-generating and/or venture-backed startups from seed stage to exit. Our accountants, fractional CFOs, and tax specialists are dedicated to building a strong finance foundation for your business. EBITDA provides an accurate overall financial performance picture and helps investors understand their potential returns. ” and “what accounting system would work well for this business? ” are great questions that an accountant can help your startup with. Best practices will be to do journal entries yourself if cash is tight in an early startup.

Once the essentials have been set up, we need to:

Another major step in running a business is having proof of all of your financial records. If the IRS comes sniffing around, you need to prove that your tax return claims are legitimate. The simplest type of accounting for your tax return is cash basis accounting. Cash basis will track income when it is received and expenses when they payout. If your startup is sprouting, this article will teach you all things bookkeeping and accounting.

Its features include transaction management, cashflow management, tax management, financial statement management, reporting, expense tracking, data management, and more. It offers a pricing plan based on the size of the business and monthly expenses. As your business grows in complexity and you start thinking about attracting venture capital, staying on top of your finances will take more effort and more help.


Our experienced accounting team takes a consultative approach to the year end accounting process. We’ll ensure compliance of course, but we’ll always speak to you both before and after year end to optimize treatment in line with your commercial objectives. A great accounting function is an invaluable asset to your business. It can optimise growth, improve the bottom line and enhance decision making. Our London based accounts team can become an extension of your organisation, adding value to your operations, mitigating risk and ultimately freeing up your time as a founder to focus on what you do best. If you are considering an acquisition or transaction, Azran Financial can assist during the transaction with due diligence and proper tax structuring approaches to ensure your value.

  • We also are tax experts – which may seem odd, as startups lose money, so why do they worry about taxes?
  • Sandeep has a Master’s in Computer Science from Syracuse University and an MBA in Finance from the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley.
  • Lucy brings on board more than 17 years of finance and management experience from tenures at world-renowned organizations such as the London Stock Exchange.
  • As a startup owner, you know that anywhere you can cut costs is important, so that you can use those funds to support initiatives and expenditures that are vital to propelling your business forward.
  • Your startup’s finance needs will evolve as the business scales.
  • Starting off with the right accounting and bookkeeping service means ensuring the service can scale to your needs.
  • To be more specific, before an early-stage company has raised funding, the founder can probably use QuickBooks Online to keep the books in order (it still makes sense to get a tax CPA for tax filings!).

Here at Thomas Huckabee CPA, we understand the challenges startups’ face and how important it is to acquire users and paying customers as quickly as possible. As a startup founder your main focus is usually on marketing, operations, getting traction and understanding if you have the right ‘product market fit’. By hiring an outsourced accounting firm you can focus on your core business activities which include building your product, developing relationships, creating partnerships, and marketing and sales. If you are trying to reach out to potential investors or raise funds then you will need to have high-quality financial statements which are essential for tax reporting and providing updates to them. A startup should hire an outsourced accounting firm after it has raised about $500k. To be more specific, before an early-stage company has raised funding, the founder can probably use QuickBooks Online to keep the books in order (it still makes sense to get a tax CPA for tax filings!).

CFO Services

No one knows SAFEs, board decks, or financing rounds like we do. In addition to detailed books and financial statements, you’ll also have access to a dedicated, U.S.-based financial team. They can help guide you through key financial decisions, answer questions about your financial performance, and help you overcome challenges.

Many tasks of bookkeeping can be done in house or by the small business founders themselves. However, having skilled experts in bookkeeping and accounting on your side will help you keep clean books and run useful financial reports. You will want to decide if it is best to save money by doing it yourself or spending a little more on a professional so you can focus on growing the business in other ways.

We utilise a number of tools to ensure our advice is delivered as efficiently as possible. We are a truly integrated partner with a diverse range of competencies. Brief us once and we’ll combine our accounting and tax, as well as our legal expertise, to save you time and money. Our experienced team will help to fulfil your obligations as an employer to provide a pension to your team through auto-enrolment but also help you go beyond compliance by offering a great payroll experience for employees. Expert bookkeeping services at a fraction of the cost of an in-house team. We have decades of experience supporting small businesses with internal accounting and finance functions, ready to step into any role from bookkeeper to controller, and CFO.

accounting services for startups

It also offers integration with finance and accounting software. Azran Financial’s Certified Public Accountants and business consultants can advise you during the entity selection and structuring process. After your entity formation, our accounting firm’s startup accountants provide comprehensive accounting, tax, & advisory services. Outsourced accounting services range from full-service business management and bookkeeping to management consulting. Our highly trained staff of startup accountants and startup consultants will leverage industry best practices for your venture. InDinero is a financial software with services (SwS) solution for small businesses to automate accounting, tax and payroll activities for a flat fee.

Online Bookkeeping

Once you have consummated the deal, we can provide accounting & audit, tax planning & preparation, and comprehensive advisory services for your new acquisition. When you’re just getting started, say, still working at your full-time job or newly established in shared workspace, it’s good to go the DIY route. After all, most of accounting services for startups what you’ll be doing is basic accounting tasks like recording simple transactions. We request that you’re looking for a long-term accounting and financial services solution when considering airCFO. Most of our clients work with us for 2-3+ years until they outgrow an outsourced solution and need to hire an in-house team.

  • Another major step in running a business is having proof of all of your financial records.
  • We’ve worked with hundreds of high-growth companies over 8 years, acting as their back-office function until they are ready to hire an in-house team.
  • Select the best banking partners for your needs and make a smooth transition with these two checklists.
  • Most founders have plenty of expertise in the industry field areas, however, accounting and administrative matters may not be their strength.

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Choosing a Business Entity

I run Kruze Consulting, one of the top accounting firms that works exclusively with startups. Our clients raise billions in venture capital funding every year. We know what high-growth founders need from their books, taxes, financial projections and accounting team. The right accounting and bookkeeping service is more than just a data entry provider or QuickBooks operator. Good controller and bookkeeping services offer advice, counsel and insight — providing you with financial statements, budgets, forecasts and dashboards to monitor all your financial data.

  • A cash flow statement is a mandatory statement that will record the amount of cash a business has leaving and entering a startup.
  • Please be aware that this might heavily reduce the functionality and appearance of our site.
  • It offers solutions such as bookkeeping, tax filing, payroll management, etc.
  • Accrual basis accounting counts money and expenses when it is earned instead of received.
  • Maximizing your financial profits in the first few years of doing business is critical, but many companies think they can’t afford an accountant.
  • It helps small businesses manage their finances with accounting, payroll, and tax services.
  • But how can you avoid these common business blunders if you’re not familiar with filing taxes as a business?
  • If there is no material cleanup, most clients are materially through onboarding and will have their first deliverable from airCFO within 30 days from our onboarding call.

“It was important to have someone I trusted, that would provide some continuity,” Woock says. That trusted colleague remains at Pinger, where he is now CFO. As you pick a finance professional to work with, expertise and trust are paramount. You can see that a big part of your finance person’s job will be to teach you all these variables. Register for upcoming live webinars and access recorded webinars to learn about the latest trends for your business and industry.


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