How to Build an App like Mint Personal Finance App Development

Developing such an app may cost much more and require implementing a more complex tech stack with APIs functionality and better UX design. Imaginovation is an award-winning web and mobile app development company with vast experience crafting remarkable digital success stories for diverse companies. You can decide to split the registration form into multiple steps.

What are the 5 steps in personal finance?

  • Step 1: Understand your current financial situation.
  • Step 2: Write down your financial goals.
  • Step 3: Look at the different investment options.
  • Step 4: Create and implement a customized plan for you.
  • Step 5: Re-evaluate and revise your plan.

Building a finance app means that you have to learn about the various methods and technologies that can be used in building a financial app for a customer. Many app users in today’s world are teens (mostly 15-year-olds). Many fintech apps have hence started to target this fact in the smartest way possible. Another growing segment apart from the banking apps and your direct competitors are chatbots and virtual assistants. These can either be found in the form of added features in platforms like banking apps or can be in the form of standalone applications. Now, You don’t need to carry around envelopes, but you do need to manage your money wisely.

#2. Advanced Fintech Apps

We develop a budget app so that customers can install it from app stores. Let’s track the application’s life cycle backward from when a user has discovered it in Google Play. This financial planner software leverages machine learning to not only tame the money flow but also provide savings tips. Its users can manage money, order a credit card, and enjoy smart savings in this gamified money app. Accordingly, the first type of personal finance app is much easier and cheaper to develop.

how to build a personal finance app

The exceptions are time-tested libraries with a well-deservedly high reputation (like the Realm database). The app used to be paid, but now there is free access to it too, which made Spendee even more popular. Among the tasks of the service is to teach the user to live within his means and give advice if he goes beyond his allowed budget.

Step 6: Launch the Application

Those who cannot control their budget without help, and those who know how to distribute their expenses correctly, like to track the dynamics of cash receipts and spending visually. Separately, we’d like to note how important two-way communication with the client is. If your finance app has technical support (even if not round-the-clock, and in a chatbot-form), this will significantly elevate you over competitors. Rewards like discounts, coupons, cashback, credits, etc. are a great way to keep app users engaged and loyal to your application. By gaining such lucrative rewards, users are more likely to remain active and engaged with the app.

how to build a personal finance app

Some photograph checks, others recognize mobile bank transactions or provide shared access to general budgeting… But if we highlight their basic functions and tasks, we’ll get 4 main points (see below). With all this, such services are well monetized and can become another source of profit. So it makes total sense to find a financial software development company that will take on your money management app project. You won’t be able to handle this job on your own, it requires experience and expertise.


Its specifics depend on the project type, its requirements, and industry standards. Let’s go over how to choose the right tech stack to build a personal finance app. Our team knows how to build a personal finance app like mint from scratch. We’ll make sure you get a product, which meets your expectations 100%.

It follows that a businessman needs more than just an expense tracker or an ATM screen in his pocket. Applying this solution allows you to interact with 70% of US and Canadian banks. The Pocket Account Icebreakers for Virtual Meetings That Are Fun and Creative will not leave overboard clients of financial institutions not covered by Plaid. Our team will perform integrations with the IT systems of specific banks in the next releases of the app.

For instance, while a beautiful font might be great from a design standpoint, it’s useless in a finance app if it’s hard to read. It’s fast, simple, and easy to learn, which is beneficial for bringing fintech apps to market faster. Visualization, for instance, helps present finances in a way users can easily understand.

Track deposits and withdrawals across accounts on color-coded charts. Check expenses incurred, current balance, interest accrued, and more, on easy-to-understand, interactive dashboards. Maintain your finances, without leaving a trail of paper or Excel sheets.


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